heidi zednik

notes from the underground [2001]

It was the found objects that started the underground conversations. For me, it was the handwritten dictionary and the old photographs, the odd lawnmower parts and old glass found in and around the house I'd renovated. For Alicia, it was her aunt's inherited collection of biology samples -stuffed birds, snake skins and hand drawn biology texts.

Since Alicia lived in Colorado and I lived in North Carolina, our first collaboration began with packages of objects, paintings, and odd sketches being shipped back and forth. Later, both of us remarked on how strange it was to open these packages and often have no idea what to do with the contents. We shipped packages back and forth for nearly six months. A week before installing Notes from the Underground, I flew to Denver. Being able to collaborate in person with each other reaffirmed our interest and curiosity in wanting to explore further projects.