heidi zednik

spondere is a collaborative collective born of experimentation and art, conversations and friendship. alicia bailey and i originally founded spondere in 2004; donna price joined the collective in 2007. our first collaborative project, as a three member collective, was the magnetic street art exchange in 2007. our most recent project was the collective exhibit spondere in 2008.

for the 2008 spondere exhibit at Abecedarian Gallery, we decided to show recent individual work, rather than focus on a single collaborative project. the collaboration became the collective installation, with a focus of effortless flow. the goal was to appear cohesive as a collective unit, rather than three individual artists showing individual work. this cohesiveness was never officially categorized or determined. for gallery visitors who were unfamiliar with each artists’ work, the exhibit appeared to be by a single artist.

for additional art information on spondere members Alicia Bailey and Donna Price, visit their websites:
www.aliciabailey.com       www.donnaeprice.com

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